The hummingbird is revered as a symbol of joy, love, and lightness of being.  Its astonishing ability to hover in mid-air, seemingly defying gravity, is seen a reminder of the importance of persistence and determination in the face of life’s challenges. The hummingbird reminds us to drink sweetly and joyfully from the nectar of life

We are Georgeana and Joe and make up Hummingbird sounds.
Together we use Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, percussion and voice to bring you a soothing expanse of sound.
Our aim is to be an antidote to modern living and offer an oasis of calm where you can switch off from the outside world and tune in to your inner landscape.

Our Story

I first came across a singing bowl when I was 6 or 7. A friend of the family had recently traveled to India and Nepal and had returned with a shiny bronze bowl. I would watch him transfixed as he sat on his meditation pillow and softly chanted whilst playing the bowl. I had no context for this at my young age and the sounds enchanted me. I would sit beside him, copying. Legs crossed, eyes closed – not really sure what this was trying to achieve but enraptured by the experience.
Fast forward a couple of decades and I was trying to learn meditation. I had read so much about the benefits and, at the time, needed to navigate my way out of a period of anxiety. Try as I might my attempts at mindfulness meditation failed and I was left frustrated. When I stumbled upon mantra meditation something in my memory was sparked and I knew I had to get myself a Himalayan singing bowl.
I found that within the consistent sound of the bowl I was able to slip into a meditative state without even trying. This ‘sound with no edges’ gave my busy mind something to focus on and just like that I had entered the blissful and rejuvenating state that I had heard so many meditation practitioners describe.
The benefits were clear – I was sleeping better, had less anxiety and I felt less easily stressed.
Shortly after starting this practice I met the love of my life and future husband.

As well as being a keen guitar player and DJ my background is in computing and electronics, I have a rational and scientific way of thinking about things in general. When G introduced me to her singing bowl I wanted to find out more – why did this work so well for inducing a relaxed and even meditative state?
After doing some research I found an article on the effects of sound waves on the brain. I found out that Immersive sounds can induce shifts in brainwave patterns. Specifically, exposure to the harmonic vibrations and frequencies emitted during a sound bath experience can promote a transition from the beta state (associated with active, analytical thinking) to the alpha and theta states (linked to relaxation, creativity, and deep meditative states).
My current focus is on health and longevity and I’m currently studying to become a Personal Trainer. The more I have learned about health and wellbeing the more evident it has become that letting the nervous system relax into a rest and digest state is not only beneficial but essential to optimal health, and something that we are direly lacking in our fast paced culture.

So what made us want to offer sound baths?
One day we were in bed chatting about random things and the question came up – what would your super power be?
We both simultaneously answered “Sound!”
It seemed so obvious! Sound is the center of our known universe. Sound has the power to affect physical matter as well as our internal mood. Everything is essentially vibration and everything has it’s own frequency.
We spoke about how we could bring this super power out to the world and the obvious answer was sound baths.
Using pure frequencies of crystal bowls along with pure intentions and attention to set and setting we hope to offer a moment of reflection, connection and calm.